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Introduce enhanced capability 3400 BIBD: 2014

Since the introduction of the Nordiko 3400 Broad Ion Beam deposition system the design has undergone a step-wise evolution. The underpinning attributes that contribute to excellent within wafer non-uniformity of film deposition and repeatability remain unchanged. The latest model benefits from improvements in reliability together with higher film deposition rates. Thoughtful repackaging has also allowed the overall clean-room footprint to be reduced making installation simper and neater.


Delivery of Ion Beam MRAM manufacturing tool: 2014

Nordiko are proud to deliver another multi-module Broad Ion Beam Deposition system for the manufacturing of MRAM devices. Mnem-iX provides the necessary precision in the deposition of complex MRAM cells comprising ultra-thin layers of non-magnetic, magnetic materials and stable tunnel barrier.


Company News: 2013

Nordiko Inc has been registered. This will allow us to move forward with our plans to strengthen our presence and operations in North America.


Delivery of Ion Beam manufacturing tool for commercial micro-bolometer: 2013

The 3400 broad Ion Beam Deposition system provides very repeatable results for a process to deposit a non-stoichometric oxide for utilisation in a micro-bolometer production. The new system provides a production capability on 200 m wafers.


Delivery of first N2000 compact sputters: 2013

The N2000 is a compact sputtering system with a confocal configuration. The system may be fitted with four cathodes. The cathodes may be configured for RF diode, RF magnetron or DC magnetron operation. Accepting a single substrate, or a platen carrying multiple small substrates within wafer non-uniformity of better than ±2% (under optimised conditions) may be achieve across a 200 mm diameter area.

The first N2000 systems delivered are used for the metallisation of photonics devices.


Company News: 1st October 2011

In a move that emphasises his belief in the NORDIKO team, technology and prospects, Mervyn Davis the incumbent Managing Director has bought the company from CANON ANELVA CORPORATION.

This buy-out comes with the blessing of CANON. Junji Ichikawa President of CANON ANELVA CORPORATION said, “CAN is pleased to be handing over ownership of the company to Mr Davis. This transfer of ownership will not in any way affect customer’s on-going relationship with NORDIKO and we are confident that customers will continue to enjoy uninterrupted and consistently high level of service from the Company.

Mervyn Davis replied, “I am excited to be announcing this move, clearly it leads to great new opportunities. The team and I remain the same, and we are proud to continue our history of development and production of thin film process equipment which we started in 1972. It is a major milestone, one of many since our start in 1972" ... company history.


New Product

Nordiko α120 - Ion Beam Etcher.

The new α120 represents a cost-effective, scaled down ion beam milling system for laboratory applications. It comprises a vacuum process module, mounted on a cabinet housing supporting power supplies and power management systems. It is configured for atmospheric cycling to load samples with good repeatability and high reliability more information.

New Application Notes

Nordiko have release of two new Application Notes relating tomore information.

New Product

Nordiko 7500 - Broad Ion Beam Milling system.

The 7500 represents a fresh look at Broad Ion Beam Milling. The system is designed around our new 50 cm plasma source and a new high reliability rotary substrate table more information.