Ion Beam Systems

Thin film deposition and etch systems for semiconductors (silicon, III-V, II-VI),
magnetic heads and sensors, MEMS, photonics, LEDs, LDs, SAW devices,
microbolometers and other emerging applications within the nano technology arena.

The Nordiko Mnem-iX broad ion beam milling system.

The Nordiko 7500 broad ion beam milling system.

The 3400 is an advanced automatic vacuum coating system

i-Octave multi-target broad ion beam deposition system.

The α120 is a customisable laboratory scale broad ion beam milling system.

Physical Vapour Deposition Systems

This series of capable sputtering systems offers proven flexibility for RD&I and
pilot production applications. Each process module can be configured for stand-
alone operation or integrated with a wafer handling platform and other process
modules in a cluster arrangement.

The Nordiko N2000 compact sputtering system

The Nordiko 2000 / 2550 series, smallest of the batch PVD systems.

The Nordiko 8000 / 8550 series, an enlarged version of the 2000.

The Nordiko 9000 / 9550 series largest PVD system suited to 150mm substrates.

The Nordiko 5000
configurable process

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